19 year old Boyan Slat figures out how to save our oceans

ocean cleanup

In keeping with our vision to profile those who are elevating our consciousness about what really matters, we offer this whiz kid’s idea  on saving our oceans. Read about Boyan’s  genius vision here, and how it is actually becoming a reality. The plan is to use Ocean Cleanup barriers that will retrieve about half of all floating plastics from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch over a 10-year time span.  And the best news of all is there is a prototype in action! The Ocean Cleanup group has deployed a 100 meter-long barrier segment in the North Sea, 23 km off the coast of The Netherlands, where it will remain for one year. It the first time our barrier design is being put to the test in open waters. Truly fascinating reading. Applause!

Here’s a vid on how it all got started. Meet Boyan.




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