Free Ebook Download: Lee Davy – the Mind/Body/Soul technician

Lee Davy Lessons in Awareness: The Mind/Body/Soul conection

Lee Davy is a life long student of personal growth, best selling author, speaker, fitness innovator and transformational leader. He is a Thinking Into Results (TIR) facilitator and life coach and faculty member of the Training In Power Academy (TIPA).

Lee travels the world motivating and speaking to large audiences about the necessity of change. In his talks, Lee shares his invaluable insight and experience of his 26 + year exploration of the best methods and tools with which to achieve and maintain a balanced, healthy, happy and prosperous life.

Lee has generously compiled some of his key concepts and insights into a exclusive Ebook for Lessons in Awareness. This book explores his own journey of spiritual discovery and how he has broken through the old ‘paradigms’ of thought to discover the path to conscious leadership through mentorship, self discipline and personal healing on all levels.

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If you are inspired by Lee’s vision of personal transformation and global change, be sure to check out his latest book Conscious Endeavor. Find out more about Lee and his certification programs and products at




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