Our Mission

iStock_000002309237ManrelaxedbeachWe’re here to create a portal of new perspectives and initiatives that can impact the way our world works, and how it must work to support the inevitable evolution of consciousness that is upon us. We want to profile new thought leaders, new ways of being, organizations and individuals that are truly making a difference, and showcase fresh ideas that need to be seen and heard.

  • Who deserves a shout-out for carving new consciousness on the earth?
  • What organizations are bringing light to shine on new ways of working together for the greater good?
  • What is it that we should all be viewing, doing, or collectively embracing?

Tell us about the people and places that are important to our evolution of consciousness. What are your lessons in awareness?

Suggest, share, play with us. Let’s co-create this portal of Conscious Leadership together.

Lessons in Awareness belongs to all of us.