The power of boredom: the secret doorway to innovation

While one may think that the many technological advances of our digital age have made our lives easier, we are in a time when our minds are busier than ever. With the speed of computer processing, we are able to bounce around in our thoughts and “multi-task”, thinking our hyper-efficiency is making us more effective at our jobs. But neuroscientists are actually discovering that multi-tasking and our propensity for distraction, through tools like smart phones and social media, are actually reducing our ability to solve problems and access our creativity.

In this fascinating TED talk, Manoush Zomorodi sites the findings of ‘boredom researchers’, who prove that the brain goes into a creative hyperdrive when it does not have an immediate task to attend to. What they find is that we access some of our most powerful problem solving tools when we are bored. So we have to get bored to get efficient? Check out her presentation on the new research here:

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